A list of examples used in the lectures

Examples Lecture 1
1.1 Using Twitter to control a Raspberry PI
1.2 Using Node-RED to alert you when you’re falling behind on your exercise schedule
1.3 Building a simple web service using Node-RED’s built-in HTTP nodes
Examples Lecture 2
2.1 Building your first flow: Hello World
2.2 A second flow: weather alerts
Examples Lecture 3
3.1 Receiving JSON via an MQTT message
3.2 Using the switch node to handle a JSON object
3.3 Using a change node to change or manipulate a message payload
3.4 Using the rbe (report by exception) node
3.5 Scaling input with the range node
3.6 Using an mqtt output node to test the flow
3.7 Using Websockets with Node-RED
3.8 Sending TCP requests.
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