Cryptocurrencies and Node-RED

Node-RED and cryptocurrencies

Node-RED is a perfect tool for rapid development of cryptocurrency applications. There are a wide range of uses, starting with simple access to exchange data (eg prices, trends) right up to developing your own blockchain!

Here are a few tutorials we’ve written to get you started plus some links to other informative sites and pages of people using Node-RED to explore cryptocurrencies.

Accessing basic price data via the Binance node

More sophisticated charting using the Binance node

Other interesting Info

  • marciogranzotto has written a wrapper node for Node-RED for the Poloniex exchange. The wrapper is quite basic but is a start point if you want to access that exchange.
  • If you are interested in the Cryptocompare API then a nice blog post by remko de knikker discusses how he created and added a set of nodes for cryptocompare to Node-RED. The blog post is quite involved as it discusses creating and publishing nodes, but it also refers to the nodes and some test flows he has published.
  • For those interested in the new lightning protocol, a set of nodes for accessing it has been developed by the
  • The folks at VISEO have developed a node for accessing parts of the etherium blockchain API.

Author: Rodger Lea

Currently CEO of Internet of Things startup, Sense Tecnic, Dr. Lea has over 25 years experience spanning academic, large corporations and startups. For the last 10 years, he has started or helped start 4 new companies while managing an active research program (University of British Columbia, Canada and Lancaster University, UK) into distributed and ubiquitous computing, the IoT and Smart Cities.